Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Boston's Trendiest Spots Right Now

Though Boston's history doesn't exactly shout trendy, a new wave of residents has made Boston into a melting pot for new trends. With new trends, come trendy people. I have been finding new spots recently, and am going to share them with you!

1. Envoy Rooftop

Photo credit: Boston Globe

Though it may not be summer anymore, the Envoy Hotel bar on the roof is a new staple for locals and travelers alike. Many don't know that it is secretly run by Mariott. Combine a stellar view of
Boston with good drinks, cool people and original design detailing and you're bound to become the new hotspot! This place is on the Seaport and it isn't hard to find, just follow the beautiful people!(But it doesn't reopen until summer, unfortunately)

2. The Beehive

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My heart has stayed with this spot for the last couple of months because my experience there was awesome. Though I wasn't going for the jazz music, I stayed because of it. Boston has a lack of good places with good music. How many cover bands of Aerosmith can you listen to anyways? Though some may call the fanfare here pompous, I found that the regulars seemed to be calm down to earth people. The food in itself is worth trying. Good luck finding a table here on the weekend!

3. Alden and Harlow

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Some people believed that subterranean spaces in Boston would never work. Tell that to the guys at Alden and Harlow who have managed to make it the underground hibernation destination for hipsters looking for a good drink and even better food. It's like a museum for interior design. Check out the rejuvenated walls made of cabin wood! The staff here is exceptional, and the diners are a cool fusion of Harvard types and Boston's social elite.

4. The Fenway

Photo Credit: Boston Magazine

It's hard for new people in Boston to grasp how big of a deal it is that the Fenway became such a go to destination in only a matter of a few years. Samuels, the mastermind developer has put Fenway on the Map as a hotspot in Boston. He blends a good amount of residential and commercial developments in the area, creatinga new urban landscape that sets a precedent for what is to come in Boston. For food catch Sweet Cheeks, Basho, or the brand new Tiger Mama (what a name). If you're visiting Boston, stay at the new Verb Hotel. Or just catch a movie at the Fenway Regal. You're bound to see cool cars, well dressed ladies & gents and some serious skyscraper action.

5. Barcelona Tapas Bar

Photo Credit: Pinterest

They are a chain, but a good one. Serving the coolest tapas in Boston/Brookline (in my opinion) both locations are hopping every day of the week, but for a tight squeeze on the weekend check out the bar at the Brookline location. You might have to sell your arm and a leg for a place at the bar. But in my mind that's not such a bad thing, because the experience you get here is phenomenal. Spanish inspired food, wines and cocktails. There's good music on constantly and if you stay late enough you might catch some people dancing. The crowd is typically young, so if you're not into that upscale college thing, this might to be your place.

Hopefully you enjoyed this posting, and postings in the future. Check back for other new pieces soon.   Cheers, Josh

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