Friday, December 18, 2015

Top 5 Men's Gilt Pieces Worth Buying Dec 18 (Holidays)

             Online shopping can be daunting. Especially on sites where there are thousands of deals like Gilt. Gilt is an example of a new wave of distinctly fashionable websites that stock merchandise that businesses couldn't sell from top designers. Your first thought may be, "So why would I want this stuff" But the truth is shops buy too much of a piece all of the time, and many don't have a Nordstrom rack to send it to. So they send it to GILT.
             I'm showing you ten pieces I think are worth buying this week while browsing through Gilt.

1. Tod's Footwear: Suede Driver
Original Price 544, Cut price: 488
Image Credit:

Tod's are a staple in the world of luxury shoes. They've been making shoes since 1920. Having owned a pair I can say they are a great quality shoe that you can wear around the house, or for going out. Naturally, as they are suede, I don't recommend wearing them in the rain. Loafers, without socks was a big trend this summer, and it will definitely carry into next spring. Don't miss out on a chance to buy a classic shoe on sale!

2. Fred Perry Classic V Neck Sweater
Photo Credit:
Original Cost: 145 Sale Price: 65
I think everyone should have a classic v neck sweater. I personally own one of these, but made the mistake of throwing it in the regular wash! They're good to dress up, or down, and everyone knows Fred Perry. So if you're trying to cop some looks and stay classy (without looking like that brooks brothers guy) this is a great sweater. It is very thin, so its ideal for spring or early fall.

3. Canada Goose Expedition Hooded Parker
Original Price: 925 Sale Price: 799
Image Credit:
Canada Goose can be seen everywhere recently. They've taken the winter jacket game by storm..... Haha. And for good reason. I bought one a while ago when they were much cheaper, but the price shouldn't scare you because the quality of these jackets is incredible. They have ample protection from the wind, they're made of a rugged material that you wont feel afraid to rough up (unlike those puffy moncler jackets) and they're very warm. These sell out quickly.

Zanerobe Seven Plaid Sportshirt
Original Price: 119 Sale Price: 49
Image Credit:

Plaid is really in this winter. You can dress it up with a nice sports jacket, or wear it on its own. Zanerobe has a good reputation for making mid level quality clothes with style. This is a classic, but with some flair. The plaid pattern is unique and interesting. The color can also go with most neutral colors! 

5. Tom Ford Colin Aviator
Original Price 360 Sale Price 189
Image Credit:

If Jay Z sings about it, its gotta be good! Tom Ford is a staple in men's design. The company made its fame off of men's suits, but his eyewear collection has always kept up with the trends. Luckily, Gilt has a few pairs right now at Ray Ban Prices. I chose these because they are true bahamian man glasses. They've got a look that will never go out of style, they have a flare with the tinted lenses and bar . Im also a fan because Tom Ford Designed the James Bond wardrobe, and everything they make from that point on is classss. 

Conclusion: Gilt is a great resource for those who want couture designers at a more reasonable price. If you stay updated and know what you want you can get in and out quickly. But if you get sucked into a shopping spree, don't blame me! Hope you guys enjoyed these pieces. Stay tuned for more soon. Cheers, Josh

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