Monday, December 14, 2015

Top 3 Men's Stores Boston

It is sometimes difficult in a small city to find unique shops that carry great men's clothes. Boston, with its vicinity to New York is kind of stuck in the middle. There's enough of a college populace that cool clothes are needed, but not neccesarily enough cool stores to keep you going for hours. Instead of wasting your time jumping on the train and digging through the internet for resources I figure I can help. These are my three favorite stores in Boston for unique clothes.

1. Bodega
Location: Ask Around!

The notorious Bodega is located in the Berklee/ Newbury St area and has been in the game for a long time. Ask any hypebeast about it and they'll probably start drooling. They have a curated selection of all clothes, but their main focus is sneakers. They are notorious for having exclusive drops and collaborations. I have personally only bought a few items here, mainly hats. The stuff they carry is great quality and they really try to stay ahead of trends. If you want to stand in line for a sneaker drop you can do that there too. They also have a great online store, but the store is definitely worth a visit. I won't spoil have to experience it for yorself. Don't be intimidated by the guys in the "lobby" they know what's up!

2. Orchard
Location: 156 Harvard Ave, Boston

I am a skater at heart, so this store is especially prevalent. Though they are a skate shop, and a great one at that, I come here for the great, relatively inexpensive and unique selection of clothes. They carry all types of gear, but they do a great job of keeping a theme. Mainly good quality stuff from medium sized companies that reflect skater culture. This is more important than ever for men's fashion as in recent years vans and skateboards have adorned fashion shows. Check out this years ny fashion show. I love the staff as they aren't overbearing and they love what they do. Plus for the skateboard bowl in the back and art gallery. Keep it up guys! 

3. The Tannery
Location: Multiple

Here is a true Boston staple for fashion. They were carrying brands no one was 10 years ago, and for that they are on my list. They keep it classy, and as such, you are going to spend some serious cash if you go here. They are stocking top shelf designers, but only the good ones. This shop would be better if the staff were't trying to nag you for commision, and ignore you at the same time! If you want to buy something unique, great quality, designer and chic, come here. I've bought shoes from them, and as of recent their shoe selection has deteriorated. The plus side is they carry great mens pants, which can be a struggle sometimes. It's like a better department store, but don't expect sales! 
If you want to people watch this is also a great place for that, the finest of Boston's shoppers end up here.

New Shop!
Location: 355 Boylston St, Brookline

I'm mostly adding this because it is in Brookline and I am living in Brookline. They literally just opened this week, and I stopped in for a minute to check out their supply. The shop is neatly laid out, they carry exclusive collectors shoes, supreme gear and some other random stuff. I wasn't too impressed with the inventory, but I'm not a street fashion guru, so I wouldn't know. Happy to see someone doing something different in the nighborhood. They were also carrying some north face collaboration, it looked cool, but expensive for what it was. If you like supreme and collect sneakers this place is worth a visit! Follow them on instagram @sizerunsupply. 

Conclusion: Boston is not New York. But it does have some great options for men's clothing if you live in the area. I appreciate the hard work local guys are doing to keep Boston from going all chain stores. An honorable mention goes to Concepts in Cambridge, look them up. Hope you guys enjoyed this list, stay tuned for more. Cheers, Josh

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